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Garage Door Springs & Services

A defective or wrecked garage door is definitely a cause of concern and has to be taken care of immediately before it can result in an accident or a burglary. We keep a full stock of products of all major brands in our inventory and there is a high chance that we will have the right parts available that are required to fix your garage door. If you are looking to upgrade your garage door then we are more than happy to get your garage fitted with a new door that is in line with latest safety standards.

  • Replacement or repair of sensor alignment
  • Programming of code
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • Installation of openers
  • Adjustments to the openers
  • Installation of exterior keypad

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Springs are the most notorious for breaking in a Garage Door System. Here at Garage Door Repair Park Ridge, IL we not only Repair your springs for you, but we give advise on how to prevent the same problems in the future. Older Garage Door Springs just malfunction after 8-10 years, if your springs have lasted that long then we are proud of you.

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Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cable is another crucial component of a garage door assembly that connects the motor and the door together and helps in the movement of the garage door. Although it rarely happens but there is a chance that this cable might develop a tear as time passes, hampering the movement of the garage door.

A torn garage door cable can make it impossible for you to open your garage door either manually or by changing the settings of your opener. Our team is capable of replacing a torn cable pretty quickly and you will have your door working within minutes after the cable is replaced.

  • Repair or replacement of torn cable
  • Installation of new cable

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Openers require regular scheduled maintenance to operate smoothly. If serviced regularly, with intervals between service dates based on manufacturer and model, your garage door opener can last for years. If your garage door opener suddenly stops working, it could be one of many factors. The best way to determine how to go about the repair is to consult one of our Garage Door Repair technicians here in Park Ridge, IL.

Garage Door Off Track

Garage doors have two tracks running parallel to them on which they slide up and down. However, if the door somehow derails from these tracks then it would stop sliding properly and might not open at all. Such a problem can only be handled by a skilled and experienced team of professionals who can adjust the position of the wheels on the tracks, making them slide over the tracks at a suitable angle. This way the door will start opening and closing without causing any issue.

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